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User ImageMike Lindyn
2:01 am Friday
October 31, 2008
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I´ve been listening to Trivium lately. I like their stuff and there is some good guitar work too. Like to hear what others think. Added a couple of their videos below. I found this band by looking at a member profile that mentioned one of the guitarists in this band... Thanks for that. Guitar

Trivium - Becoming the Dragon

Trivium - Dying In Your Arms
User Imagejeremy
11:55 pm Sunday
November 2, 2008
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Yeah. I´m into Trivium. I first saw them open up for Lamb of God (another great metal band) on March 23rd, 2007. I went out and bought 2 of their discs the next day. I also have the new one Shogun now as well. I was floored by their performance that night. They were so good. Not just the amazing leads but everything else as well. Just awesome.

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