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What Arpeggio is this??

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User ImageT.A.Z
11:52 am Friday
February 3, 2006
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Hi all, i've recently been playing this arpeggio quite alot as an excercise, i know that malmsteen uses it alot too.

My question is what sort of arpeggio is it, and what key is it in? i'd like to use it in solos and such, but haven't got a clue what to change to get it in the right key!!

Any help is much appreciated!!

Here's the arpeggio...


User ImageBillyJack
12:42 pm Friday
February 3, 2006
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Without a reference, I don't know the key but, rooting from any of those notes, it comes out a dim7 chord (1,b3,b5,6) more accurately it is (1,b3,d5,bb7)
User ImageMike Lindyn
6:43 pm Saturday
February 4, 2006
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BillyJack is right about the formula 1-b3-b5-bb7 this chord is called a diminished 7th

Whats great about this chord is that all of its inversions create exactly the same chord 1 & 1/2 steps above or below. So you can do something like this:


root inversion 1st inversion 2nd inversion so on...


This is used a lot by the shred guys. I talk about how to incorporate this chord in to the major/minor scale in this thread: http://forum.guitarknowledgenet.com/viewtopic.php?t=174 give it a read. I have also incorporated this chord into a bunch of styles of music that you might not expect to hear it in.


User ImageBillyJack
9:29 am Tuesday
February 7, 2006
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Yeah this is one cool chord. I like the tention you can build walking down the inversions. Try this: strum the chord once for every inversion I've circled down the neck from low to high. Right after you hit the forth inversion reach up and grab an open Major chord doesn't matter which one.

I call that the "Story Teller" because it feels like the tension is about to explode before you release it with the open Major. I'm in process of writting a Bluegrass progression based around it. I've just recently gotten into Bluegrass due to where I'm living in NW Arkansas. I've never played Bluegrass in the past but, since I like all forms of music and that seems to be the prodominate form in this area, I figured I'd give it a shot. Nothing says I can't add some of my own twisted way of thinking into it so I'm gonna use the "Story Teller". Just have to find a way into it. The Major release works great but, going from a Major progression into the dim7 riff is proving to be a little complicated. I'll find the right passing chord eventually.
User ImageT.A.Z
8:48 am Wednesday
February 8, 2006
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Thanks very much for that guys. And Mike thanks for the lesson its really helped alot.

I know that Malmsteen uses this particular arpeggio a lot, and i wanted to incorperate it into my own playing. Thanks to both of you for the help and knowledge. Very happy

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