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FREE guitar lesson

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Defualt User ImageEguitarbuddy
11:38 am Thursday
September 7, 2006
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for a limited time we are offereing our 5 part course absolutely free

Its great for beginners or veterans to polish up on their skills


We are also strictly anti-spam and we will not give out your email, its completely free and paid for entirely by a few ads
User ImageMike Lindyn
1:55 pm Thursday
September 7, 2006
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Welcome Eguitarbuddy,

I'm really not opposed to you promoting your site here but this post is a little spamish. Especially since this seems to be a for-profit site (you'll find as you promote your site that for-profit sites get less leeway in the spam area than non-profit sites do).

I promote GKN on a number of message boards so I can tell you from personal experience there is a better way of doing this. I would ask that instead of posting an ad (which is what this post looks like) you write a lesson or simply wait around until someone asks a question related to your expertise at which time you can reply to them.

In your lesson or your response you could say something like "I just wrote about this in my newsletter you may want to check it out." and you can have a link to your site in your signature.

People tend to respond to this better anyway because you are showing them in your lesson or reply that you know what your talking about.

I hope this reply doesn't make you stop posting here, I'm sure you have a wealth of knowledge that can be useful to our members.


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