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"Speed Game" Scales

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User ImageBillyJack
7:43 am Wednesday
November 22, 2006
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'Speed Game' Scales

Hey gang,
If you want to keep the "Speed Game for Modes", you need to go ahead and download the ones you need because, as of 1 January I'm going to delete them from my storage space to make room for a variety of Scales in the "Speed Game" format.

The "Speed Game for Scales" will be in a simular format with the exception of me using a full 16 fret neck. I'll still do all the 5 fret inversions but, will add the 2 and 4 note per string inversions as well for each scale type.

What scales would you like to see done first? I'll of course start with the Major but, I will try to follow it with the most requested of the other scales.

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