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Defualt User Imagedeefjohnholler
9:23 am Sunday
December 17, 2006
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I looked at how I played with the two fore fingers in my two finger picking and it seemed very inefficient so I plaguarised the alternate picking theory (mentioned on this forum somewhere else) and applied it to finger picking.

In practice this does not allocate each finger to a string in the way three finger technique does with the third, second, first finger to the E, B and G strings respectively.

In my alternate two finger picking scheme both fingers can play any of the strings D, G, B and E but, as you are alternating the fingers, if you count out a rhythm with the first two fingers the first finger is 1, second finger 2, first finger 3, second finger 4, first finger 5, second finger 6. which makes it equally as applicable in playing triplets.

i am totally self taught so i don't know whether this is already common practice so I need some guidance and reading material. I'm off to the Wikipedia now to start.

John Holler

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