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Student Project: Music Tuition Software

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Defualt User Imagemikepayne
12:52 pm Wednesday
February 21, 2007
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Dear All

My name is Mike Payne, and I am posting this message because I am about to complete my student project which involves music tuition software with some novel features. I have written a program named MuseKit, which allows music teachers to write online music lessons with very powerful features, such as automatic generation of flash chords, notation editors and players that you can 'plug in' to your webpages and have users email their music to you, and much more.

I would very much appreciate it if you were to download and try the software, and give me your thoughts on the software. The website is http://users.cs.cf.ac.uk/M.W.Payne/. Once there, click on 'Get MuseKit' and follow the instructions. The software is intended as a kind of prototype, to show some ideas with which I have been experimenting. The software can not do any harm to your computer and I will be happy to provide you with unlimited support with both using the software and removing it when you are done trying it.
Once again, thank you very much for your time, your assistance will be invaluable to my project (and hence my degree).

Kind Regards

Michael Payne

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