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using a pick

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Defualt User Imagesaxontrusteel
2:46 am Tuesday
August 7, 2007
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hi all, need some help please, i have been playing for a while now on accoustic and electric. i have started to try and use a pick to strum the accoustic. but i cant seem to strum. i can strum down but cant strum up i have been trying for ages and am getting more and more frustrated, when i strum up its as if the pick has hooks on it and the ting just gets caught up in the strings and even if on the odd occasion that i do manage to pick up clean there is no rythem at all. also i tend to hold pick with thumb and 2 fingers have tried thumb and 1 finger and holding it in various ways to no avail, so i have gone through websites to find out what i am doing wrong, i have found this is quite a common problem but seems to affect new players. i have found conflicting answers to my problem which include: pick at 90 degrees-pick at an angle. use mainly wrist action-just strum from elbow. and various types of pick to use. i am now lost. i am using a crafter de/6n and various picks from dunlop. i guess what i am after now is the basic building blocks of how to strum with a pick. it would be nice if any members could show me on video how to strum with a pick. thankyou in advance.
User ImageBillyJack
11:24 am Tuesday
August 7, 2007
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It would be very difficult to type an understandible explaination on basic strumming in a short reply. Too many variables to put together with words so you could understand. It combines mechanics / technic / rythym, so on. Instead of trying to type it out, here's a video link and it's related searches. View the 1st video and then go through some of the related video's and see if those help you out.

My tip on this that I doubt you'll find in a video:
One thing I've noticed about folks that have experience from other venues/technics of playing music is, they tend to want to begin a new technic at a level equal with the one they are more experienced with. This is most peoples mistake and the reason they struggle. You have to start off keeping it basic. When you go from playing with a naked hand to holding a pick, the muscles in the hand and wrist work differently. You may know what you want to hear, but may not have the muscles trained to pull it off.

Good Luck

User Imagejeremy
10:52 pm Wednesday
August 29, 2007
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Since I've been playing a lot more scalar type of exercises lately I started to improve my picking technique some more. You know? It just happens. Like, I've started to use even less wrist and more thumb and index movement... kinda like Michael Angelo Batio... yeah, KINDA... I've always noticed that when I play slow I could use this technique pretty easily but when I'd start goin' super fast my wrist would kinda say, "I'll take it from here" you know? But NOW I'm starting to train the muscles to play the same way no matter what speed I'm goin' at. And thats always the focus.

What does this hafta do with the topic? I don't know. But it ties in there somehow.

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