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Rodrigo y Gabriela are AWESOME!!!!

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User ImageMike Lindyn
7:37 pm Sunday
October 7, 2007
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The duo Rodrigo y Gabriela is sick! I´m going out today to buy any of their CDs I can find. Here are a couple of youtube links.

Great show

This is lesson by them I´m working on this strum technique now but its slow going. I´ll get it in time Wink


Another lesson.
User ImageBillyJack
7:36 am Monday
October 8, 2007
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I saw them for the first time on a commercial here while back and for the life of me couldn't remember who they were. Thanks Mike!
User Imagejeremy
8:20 pm Tuesday
October 9, 2007
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Yeah. I saw them on a commercial on MTV or something like that. Maybe it was some kinda station break thing. I think that they were playing a Metallica song.
User ImageMike Lindyn
1:13 pm Thursday
October 11, 2007
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Yeah they do Orion.

Don't watch much TV so I missed the commercial with them but it's cool that they are get national TV airtime.

The way that girl plays is so cool. I am close to being able to do this but the slaps are a bit hard to throw in and I'm still not as fast as her yet.

I'd like to see them the next time they come around.
User Imagejeremy
9:11 pm Tuesday
October 23, 2007
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I'll definitely see them if they come around here.

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