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Farewell Salute to a man I'd classify as a LEGEND!

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User ImageBillyJack
11:40 pm Monday
March 3, 2008
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Jeff Healey died Sunday at age 41 after a long bought with cancer. Most commonly remembered as the blind guitar player in the movie Road House, Healey wrote some killer jazz and blues style music and had a playing style not many have learned to master.

SRV and Jeff Healey playing "Look at Little Sister
User ImageMike Lindyn
2:28 am Tuesday
March 4, 2008
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Wow, thats really messed up. He was dealt a bad hand from the start and I guess the hits just kept on coming.

I remember liking one of his tunes in the early 90's I'll have to go back and listen to some of his stuff again.

RIP Jeff

User ImageNate
4:57 pm Tuesday
March 4, 2008
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Jeff Healey was definitely a LEGEND.

Being a fellow Canadian, it's sad to see the loss of who I've always considered to be THE most accomplished artists to ever come out of the country. Jeff Healey was truly an amazing individual and should be recognized by each and every musician out there. The man was blind and could still tear a fiddle apart better than most. And he had soul!!

I bet Stevie was wishing he didn't have to follow up on Jeff's solo in that video! Here's another cool cover.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps.


User ImageFenderBender
8:37 pm Tuesday
June 17, 2008
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tight brother...
totally agree and this is my absolute FAVORITE version of this song. He was just so talented as well as humble about his abilites...

gotta go check out the one of him and SRV ripping off "look at little sister"
that´s just a great video

Rest in Peace Mr. Healey, you will be missed.

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