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Progression guitar program versus Guitar Pro

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User ImageOlmonatron
1:57 am Monday
April 28, 2008
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So I just recently bought a copy of Progression and Im eager to try it out. Has anyone else here used it?

I just got frustrated with Guitar Pro. It kept making mistakes when converting tab into musical notation. I would print out the music for the keyboard player and he would would not be able to play it because there were so many wrong notes. Has anyone else had this problem?

Heres the website for Progression: http://products.notionmusic.com/progression/
User ImageMike Lindyn
3:57 pm Saturday
May 3, 2008
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I´ve never tried this software but would be interested in hearing what you think once you get the chance to work with this.

I use both Guitar Pro and Powertab. I´ve also noticed a few bugs in the sheet music staffs myself. You can see one of these bugs on one of the tabs in the scales in tabs section. Nearly drove me crazy I thought there was something wrong with me then I realized it was a bug powertabs Cursing.
User ImageOlmonatron
12:25 am Tuesday
May 6, 2008
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So it just came in the mail the other day. It took a bit to understand the different key commands and controls, but once you get the hang of that it´s awesome.

First off, the tab to notation is flawless! You can either click on the tab staff and enter a fret number or you can click on the notation staff to enter a note. When you enter a note, it puts a number in the tab staff. It defaults to the string that would have the lowest fret number for that note, but you can just hit the up or down arrow and it will transpose that note to a different string with a higher fret. There´s also a fretboard diagram where you can just click on the fretboard and it will enter that note. So getting accurate fingering shapes is very easy to do.

There are amp simulators in it that make the midi sound way better than other programs. (The generic sound computer in Guitar Pro and Powertab is hard to listen to sometimes.) But there are samples of a few different types of amps, for bass and guitar as well as drums and keyboards.

Drum notation is also available. It took me a while to figure out which drum/cymbal corresponds to which note on the staff, but after fiddling with it I was able to hack out a simple beat. I´m sure a drummer who reads drum notation would have no problem at all. The drum samples sound pretty decent, too.

It also has the option to plug in a midi guitar and play straight to notation. I haven´t tried this because I don´t have a midi pickup, but that´s a pretty amazing feature.

I definitely recommend checking it out.
Defualt User ImageWorldDecay
11:53 am Friday
July 4, 2008
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I agree. GuitarPro is pretty BAD with notation. I have Sibelius for standard notation, and everytime i write some keyboard/piano stuff with the guitars on GP, export MIDI and import in Sibelius, it looks like World War 3.

How compatible is Progression with GuitarPro? Have you tried exporting MIDI and importing it into Progression to smoothen notation?

Just curious, as i need the notation ability, but i am very much used to tabbing in GuitarPro.

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