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Here is a small list of links that you may find very useful.

Harmony Central - Harmony Central is the biggest music site on the net

iBreatheMusic - Instruction, lessons, and more

Musician Forums - Really good forum has just about anything you want on it

Power Tab - Someone from GKN turned me on to Powertab now its the only place I go for tabs

Werner Icking Music Archive - Huge gallery of free classical sheet music

Whole Note - Another big site with lots of info

The Guitarists Network - Great online guitar community

Guitar World - They have a good lesson section and a good message board

Intermusic - This is the messageboard for Guitar Techniques, Guitarist & Total Guitar, three UK based magazines

Guitar BT Forum - Backing tracks for lots and lots of tunes, a lot of these are really good. (You have to sign up for their forum to see the tracks)

Online Guitar Teacher - This site was created by our forum's member Jeremy. Jeremy has been a key part of this site for years and I would encurage everyone to sign up for this site.

6StringHeaven - This is a relativly new message board but they are growing fast and have some really good sources and great people

Vai.com - Good forum, there is a lot of technical info

The Shred Zone - Good site for you shred heads, great lesson section too

The Musical Instrument Makers Forum - This site can help with just about anything you need to know about guitar hardware

The On-Line Guitar Archive - The original Tab archive

MusicBizBuzz - This site has links and information for anyone who plans to make music their business. Information includes record industry contacts, legal info, music jobs and much more.

Jeremy Driscoll - Member of GKN Community and a cool site.