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Guitar KnowledgeNet Member Lesson The First 5 Things To Learn On Guitar By Mike Lindyn

The First 5 Things To Learn On Guitar By Mike Lindyn

Member Image Mike Lindyn

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Here is a five step process to get you GOOD. If you're just starting out it will take the better part of 6 months to get these ideas down cold.

This lesson, of course, is a very broad overview but it should act as a general direction to head in. The topics listed here need not be learned in this exact order, in fact, it is best to learn more than one of these topics at any given time and incorporate all these ideas into your playing. However once you can use all the elements below smoothly and together people will start thinking you're a really good player.

1) Basic Open Chords

Learning to play open chords is a very important first step to play guitar. Below I've included some of the most basic open chords.

2) Basic Pentatonic and Blues Scale Fingerings

Notice that both these scales are basically the same... the blue dot in the Blues scale fingering is the only difference. Consider this note the 'Blue' note.

3) Basic Major and Minor Bar Chords

At this point there are four bar chord fingerings you should be working on. These fingerings are used to represent Major and Minor Chords rooted from the low A and E strings.

4) Five Major Scale Fingerings

There are a bunch of other fingerings for the major scale that you can use but these 5 are the ones I find most useful for beginners. These five fingerings will allow you to use the major scale over every part of your fretboard. You should learn other keys too but for this lesson I'm only showing the key of G (Hint: G major has all the same notes as E Minor). Learn these in the order presented.

Note: These fingerings are not MODE fingerings... if they were the root note (red dot) would move to other notes but in every case above the root note is constantly the note G.

5) All Five Pentatonic and Blues Scale Fingerings

There are 5 basic pentatonic scale fingerings and 5 basic blues scale fingerings.



And that's it. You learn these five things and learn to apply them and you will be golden (it is applying these elements that creates most music). Good luck...

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Thursday 3:21 pm, 9/16/2010 Report
Great insights!
I am using this lesson now,to relearn a few scales. (and learn a few more).

Tuesday 4:09 am, 7/22/2008 Report
The A Shaped minors 5th, not the Am's 5th! That might of been confusing...:0 Wink

Tuesday 4:05 am, 7/22/2008 Report
Mike, I was going to send this in a message but I can't find where to send it so just delete this comment after ya fix this. A couple things jumped out at me while reading this that are important.

2) Basic Pentatonic and Blues Scale Fingerings
(It's missing the root on the 1st string for the Blues scale)

3) Basic Major and Minor Bar Chords
(the a minor's 5th was marked as a root) I was thinking mine as well just mark all the roots for those chords if you do them over.

Other than that it looks pretty clean! Awesome lesson and structure. Very useful stuff!

Tuesday 3:43 am, 7/22/2008 Report
Great Lesson Mike!

Tuesday 8:30 am, 7/8/2008 Report
Good little lesson Mike!! Nice and simple but god ya need to know this stuff!!