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Wednesday 12:20 pm, 7/30/2008 Report
Man I love Doug ALdrich!! I've seen him play so many times with Whitesnake. His playing is very similar to Zakk Wyldes Highintel (maybe thats what I like about it haha)

Awesome lick jeremy cheers for this!!

Tuesday 2:27 am, 7/29/2008 Report
oooh yea. A key change on the 5/4 part where it hits the 14th fret. Diatonic harmony would be the 13th fret because of the 10-7 8-7 part. He probably had trouble with the Lydian part so he symmetrically changed the key because there is no harmony to suggest the new key. It is cool though, who makes up these rules..lol. Measures 3 and 4 remind me of Zack Wild. Measure 7 reminds me of Nuno Bettincourt.

Monday 11:52 pm, 7/28/2008 Report
Yeah, it's funny, these licks kinda seem similar to your Sweep picking Triads lesson.

Monday 11:09 pm, 7/28/2008 Report
interesting time signatures. I will play this!